Tennis Basics 2

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  1. Topspin-Serve
  2. Slice-Serve
  3. Backhand Slice
  4. Stop
  5. Lob


  • HD-Produktion
  • Super Slow Motions
  • Multiangle selection
  • Helping Graphics

Tennis Basics 2


In the second part of tennis basics the topspin serve, slice serve, backhand slice, stop and lob be resolved in detail.
The basic strokes of the first part are completed. The complex movement sequences are of course again precisely analyzed and explained by super slow motion and graphics.But also background knowledge, such as the Magnus effect, responsible for a typical topspin flying curve, is explained clearly. Beginners and advanced users get an optimal imagination of the specific tennis motions.

This DVD is up to the PAL TV-Standard. PAL is for example the usual standard in the followings countries and regions:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • South-America
  • Asia
  • in the bigger part of Africa