Customer Service


As a consumer in Germany, you are entitled to returning all goods you purchased from us online within 30 days after delivery. The revocation need not include a reason and has to be given in written form, e.g. letter, fax or another durable medium, (preferably by registered mail or together with the goods to be returned) or by returning the goods. The deadline is met by despatching in time to

Agentur Teigelkämper
Inh. Gordon Teigelkämper
Haus Mallinckrodt
D-58313 Herdecke

+49(0)2335 84573 22

If the order value does not exceed 40 euros, the customer has to bear the costs for returning the goods. The company pays for the return costs if the order value exceeds 40 euros. In either case, the goods are returned at company's risk..

Please note that your right of revocation expires as soon as you open the DVD!