Tennis Basics Complete

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  • HD-Produktion
  • Super Slow Motions
  • Multiangle selection
  • Helping Graphics
  • Presentation: Charly Steeb and Markus Hornig
    (Tennis Basics 1 only)

Tennis Basics Complete


The complete course of tennis in a set. "Tennis Basics Complete" consists of the DVDs Tennis Basics 1 and Tennis Basics 2.
From the forehand over the topspin serve up to the lob, the innovative DVDs, analyze the technique of modern tennis.
Interactive camera angles, helpful graphics and super slow motions at up to 4,000 frames / second, allows you to build a perfect imagination of motion.
Supplemented by the tips and tricks of experienced A-coaches, you receive an innovative and comprehensive Tennis Course.

This DVD is up to the PAL TV-Standard. PAL is for example the usual standard in the followings countries and regions:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Italy
  • Australia
  • South-America
  • Asia
  • in the bigger part of Africa